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Soccer Studs help the athletes improve their ball controls and prevent them from skidding. We are proud to provide support for all the athletes.

Playing Soccer

Baseball Cleats are made of rubber, metal, and plastic. Different materials have different properties.

Baseball Game

It's unpreventable to go outside without the snow spikes or crampons in winter. We have production lines for all kinds of snow footwear.

Crampons and shoes walking on ice and snow during outdoor winter trekking. Close up..jpg

We have a wide range of bicycle shoe accessories including buckles, knobs, threaded inserts, screws, and shoe heels.

Mountain biking

Track Spikes provide the most grip when needed on the field with less weight compared to the training shoes.

Sprint Runner

Golf Spikes offer greater traction, stability and balance which can bring the shots to the next level.

Playing Golf

Rubber soles are also one of the items we specialize in. We have advanced injection technology and professional design teams to fulfill the needs of our customers.

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Receptacles are the most important part of any sports of shoes. It attaches the spikes with the shoes for use.

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